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Danlesco is the exclusive master distributor Frijado in the Middle East and has an efficient regional sub-distributor network to market and service Frijado products.
Deli Multisserie
STO Intelligent
The Deli Multisserie is nothing less than a revolution in visual cooking and merchandising. Designed to bring extra attention to your products, The Deli Multisserie gives your customers a 270-degree view of the cooking theatre. Built-in halogen lighting ensures perfect product presentation.
The six-layered STO 6 is a high-speed convection oven that provides plenty of capacity for chicken pieces and meat cuts. The large, striking display section will maximize the visual appeal of your products!
STG intelligent
STG programmable
Continual improvement of perfection is what Fri-Jado stands for. And the STG Intelligent is a product of that! Why ''Intelligent''? Because it features ingenious Cook Correction Technology. Cook Correction Technology corrects operators that do not fully load the rotisserie, overload it, or load it with products that fall under the average standard temperature. The computer measures abnormalities in the temperature curve and corrects the cooking cycle automatically. Quality, reliability, durability and innovation are the hallmarks of Fri-Jado. As the inventor of the modern rotisserie, our design has often been imitated. But it has never been duplicated! The STG's design has proven itself time and again. In fact, it is the best-sold rotisserie ... ever!
The well-established Turbo Grill Line consists of rotisseries to suit every capacity requirement.
Multi Deck 3-level
Multi Deck 4-level
The Multi Deck is ideal for pre-packed chicken, wraps, snacks, soups and more. It has a limited height allowing you to use it near the check out or in line within your deli department without blocking the customers view. Moreover it has compact dimensions, without giving in on shelf surface. With the Fri-Jado Multi Deck, your customers can pick up delicious, hot pre-packaged snacks and meal solutions practically anywhere in the store.
Classic Deck
Hot Deli Merchandiser
With the Fri-Jado Classic Deck, your customers can pick up delicious, hot and cold pre-packaged snacks and meal solutions practically anywhere in the store. The Deli Line has been developed for both convenience stores and supermarkets that want to take advantage of the growing demand for quick and easy meals.
Deli Merchandiser Cold
Modular Counter
The Cold Deli merchandiser has minimum external dimensions yet it has an extensive display space. The built-in refrigeration unit with intelligent thermostat make it ready to use without requiring any refrigerating installation. The Modular Counters are a stylish range of counters available in both full-serve and self-serve models. The counters are specially designed to display your food products. Add a coffee unit and base unit for your cash desk and your shop will be ready for business.
Convenience Store Displayer  
With its striking and practical design the Convenience Store Displayer blends in perfectly at petrol stations, convenience stores and fast-food outlets.  
Bake-Off Ovens: An irresistible aroma  
Bakery Multisserie
Bake Star intelligent
A trendsetter in visual baking and merchandising, the Multisserie is designed to create an eye-catching display in your store and enhance the appeal of your products. Its 270-degree view and brilliant halogen lighting make for a perfect and appetizing product presentation. The Fri-Jado dual fan system creates an even airflow that sets the Bake Star apart from all other ovens. These bi-directional fans can be operated to run at various speeds per bake step.
Bake Basic  
Small convenience store oven with a 3-tray capacity. Stackable. Ideal for small bakeries, convenience stores and petrol stations.