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Entirely in stainless steel 18-10 (crank case, body, propeller, etc.). Monobloc crank case. Dismantling of body just by unlocking of the side handle. Oil bath speed reducer (permanently oiled). Hardened and grinding pinions in steel.


Entirely in stainless steel 18-10 (crank case, body, propeller, etc.). Monobloc crank case.
No apparent screw, no steel junction, every corners are rounded. Very easy to clean. Fine brushing stainless steel. Complies with CE standard
The flexibility of utilization gives a perfect quality of thrust
and avoids breaking natural bowels.
Entirely in stainless steel including the cover, and the nozzles. Polydur piston. Automatic decompression of the flesh when the knee piece is released.
Extreme flexibility of piston speed adjustment. Fast return of piston for the filling. Motor IP65. Mounted on castor wheels. Delivered with 3 nozzle: ø 14- 20-30, key and extractor for the piston. Closed hydraulic circuit with tank. Complies with CE standard.
The ergonomy allows to achieve quality and efficiency with safety.
Entirely in stainless steel 18-10.
Frame with strong thickness and perfectly rigid. Automatic blade tensioner.
Sliding upper blade guide with automatic position hold.
Very easy to clean. Waterproof motor and electric equipment.
Four adjustable feets
Enterely stainless steel 18-10. Mix and knead the meats in conserving the initial texture. Mounted on wheels.Security cover in stainless steel. Possibility to tip up the bowl, and to remove the shaft very quickly. 2 senses of rotation.
Complies with EC norms
Semi manuel slicer. Entirely manufactured in anodised aluminium. Resist to the corrosion. Reliable and cleaning easiness thanks to ergonomic design with a trolley which can be to come apart. Very rigid. The robustness and the quality of components allow a perfect slicing and the satisfaction of these users.